Volunteer Spotlight: Patrick Dean

Patrick Dean, raised in Columbus, GA in a military family, graduated from the University of Georgia. He spent 25 years in the U.S. Air Force in Special Operations and Joint Special Operations. Twelve of those years Patrick served at Fort Bragg. Patrick has been a resident of Southern Pines and the Sandhills for the last 20 years! A lifelong golfer, Patrick’s family experienced first-hand the support youth received through the game in our community, so when the came up, Patrick decided he wanted to give volunteering at First Tee a try for a season. And, today, Patrick is hooked! Six seasons in, he has rarely missed a class of our 5 & 6 yr old program at Campbell House Field. This spring he dipped his toes into supporting the 7 – 9 yr old program at Southern Pines Golf Club. Patrick looks forward to each season as youngsters are introduced to golf, its valuable lessons and the positive learning environment provided at First Tee – Sandhills!

“Working with First Tee – Sandhills is so rewarding. Seeing a five year old arrive for the first time, timidly walking to the table to get their name tag and then years later the experienced golfer excited and ready to go out and play the game. It is truly a privilege. It’s amazing to watch the kids gain confidence, accomplish a goal, and experience all the life lessons that golf has to offer. Then, to get to share smiles and laughter with one another along the way. Nothing is better,” said Patrick.