SAFETY MEASURES IN RESPONSE TO COVID-19 As the First Tee - Sandhills prepares to resume programming in the summer, the safety of our participants, their families, coaches, and volunteers is paramount. We are encouraging vulnerable coaches, participants who are ill, and participants who live with a person who has contracted or showing symptoms of COVID-19 within 10 days prior to camp to stay home. From check-in to wrap-up, each facet of our programming experience has been analyzed to increase safety and has been adapted to promote the prevention of spreading any illnesses. Safety begins with being responsible and accountable for one’s actions during a First Tee programming activity. Dismissive behavior of safety measures may result in dismissal from our program. HERE IS WHAT HAS CHANGED
  • Participants are required to remain at least 6 feet from one another and must refrain from any physical contact with fellow participants, coaches, or volunteers.
  • We are not requiring facial coverings during programs. This will be left to the discretion of each family. Coaches will wear a mask if we are required to be indoors for a longer than anticipated period of time.
  • Borrowed equipment will be disinfected in its entirety.
  • Activities have undergone revision and adapted to adhere to physical distancing protocol while still upholding quality of curriculum.
  • Participants will be given 6 golf balls for use during program activities. They will mark their balls in a distinctive manner (able to identify without touching) and use daily, for the camps duration.
  • Participants will not handle driving range balls. They will be shown how to use their club to move a ball from the pile to hit. Coaches will tee up the ball when necessary during activities.
  • Coaches will have hand sanitizer and wipes for each class.
  • All classes are structured to be held predominately outdoors with exception to weather adjustments, snack/cool down breaks and restroom breaks.
  • All coaches will self-check their temperature before arrival.
  • All participants should bring the necessary food and beverages to maintain daily hydration and nutrition. There will be plenty of space in their assigned hula hoop for a lunch box or additional water bottle!
  • Hand sanitizer with a minimum of 60% alcohol will be available at each program station or individual participants should carry their own.
  • Program supplies/training aids (e.g. cones, hula hoops, noodles, etc.) will be cleaned and disinfected after each class and before being stored.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently used surfaces (e.g. door and window handles, computer equipment, water stations, etc.) every few hours.
  • Participants will pre-register for all programs. No walk up registration will be allowed.
  • Families will be asked to arrive 10 minutes before class begins. Please do not arrive sooner.
  • Parents will utilize a car line for participant drop off. Before departure from the car, they will be asked about household wellness. Upon sign off, participants will exit car with their belongings for the day.
  • Check in area will be near a parking lot or designated area based upon the individual program locations.
  • Each participant will be escorted by a coach to their assigned colored hula hoop where their clubs, class materials, personal belongings and water bottles will remain throughout the class.
  • If participants borrow clubs, a coach will provide clubs which will be disinfected before and after use. AT NO POINT DURING A CLASS WILL A PARTICIPANT SHARE CLUBS WITH ANOTHER PARTICIPANT.
  • Activity set - ups are designed to include at least 6 feet between hitting stations (driving range, putting, and chipping).
  • One participant will be in a hitting station, while another will be waiting at least 6 feet behind.
  • After their turn, each participant will collect their personal golf balls (driving range, only, when needed). After picking up their balls, participants will be asked to use the “exit lane” to return from hitting station to wait for their next turn.
  • When transitioning from activity to activity, participants will use social distancing in a single file line.
  • Hand sanitizer will be distributed after each activity.
FACE COVERINGS PROCEDURE (as of July 1, 2020) 
  • Check In & Check Out Staff person, Volunteer or Coach will continue to wear a Face Covering.
  • Staff, Volunteer and Coaches will continue to wear a face covering when required to be indoors for a period of time longer than planned restroom breaks. For example, indoor snack break, STEM experiment, weather delay.
  • Staff, Volunteer and Coaches will begin wearing a face covering when providing pre-approved transportation to participants via a golf cart shuttle.
  • Staff, Volunteer and Coaches will begin wearing a face covering when unable to maintain an appropriate social distance outdoors. For example, one to one conversation, providing first aid or emotional support during a group activity.
  • Youth age eleven (11) and older are asked to bring a face covering to camp for use when necessary in coordinating situations as those outlined above. Please know we are unable to enforce the use of face coverings with participants and simply ask you cover these guidelines with your kiddos in advance of camp, determining you families’ expectations of their behavior and procedures during the camp day.
  • Amendment Review is Available HERE.
  • Participants will return to their assigned colored hula hoop in preparation for pick up.
  • Parents will utilize the same car line process as they did for check – in where they will be met by a coach to complete check – out process.
  • Participants will then be signaled to collect belongings and head to their car.
*These rules are subject to change based on the age, program, program location and Phase of COVID-19 policies we are under each week. *Please know we will provide First Aid, if needed.