Registration, The Hay & Pairings Party… oh my!

Hi all! Allison Robinson, here. I’m looking forward to sharing my week long experience in California with you. I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to represent our chapter and know that each of you reading this week have had a part in giving us these experiences. Thank you!!! 

My family and I began our Pebble Beach adventure Friday night by flying into the San Francisco International Airport. We spent the weekend exploring San Francisco and then made our way down to Monterey. We drove down the coastline and saw the amazing ocean views. WOW. Incredible!

Tuesday was the check in day, and…. my birthday! I never dreamed a better place to spend it!

My birthday kicked off with tournament check in where we were showered with some amazing keepsakes from sponsors of the PURE Insurance Championship and got to have breakfast overlooking the ocean! 

After breakfast, all pros, ams and juniors were invited to play The Hay, the newly redesigned short course on property at Pebble Beach. So, I spent a little time getting warmed up and then headed out to the course.

The Hay, was redesigned by Tiger Woods and opened this year. Each hole was designed around different golfers and is similar to the Cradle in

 Pinehurst. I really enjoyed this course and made 3 birdies! One of the holes is even a mini version of Hole 7 on Pebble Beach!

Later in the day, the driving range opened for us and I worked on my shots alongside pros Vijay Singh, Tommy Armour III, Mark Calcavecchia and Lee Jensen. 

After a short break to check into the hotel, I returned to the 18th hole of Pebble Beach with my dad, Todd, for our First Tee teen orientation, the Pairings Party dinner and Macklemore Concert.

At the party, we were asked to line up alphabetically and walk across the stage to get our envelope, which enclosed the name of our pro golfer. As I walked across, the announcer, Peter Jacobson, and everybody sang “Happy Birthday” to me. I was so surprised!

After getting our envelopes we were asked to find our First Tee Chapter banner with our names printed on them. Then, after a brief countdown, we were given the green light to open our envelopes. I learned that my pro would be Mark Calcavecchia!!! 

I am so excited to play with Mr. Calcavecchia!

Following our pairings announcement, Macklemore performed! Earlier in the day, I had the honor to meet him and take a photo as he was finishing his round on Hole 18 of Pebble Beach. 

Then, during the concert, Macklemore sang me “Happy Birthday!”

Pinch me! It was such an exciting night! 

I am super excited for the rest of the week, and can’t wait to play Spyglass Hills and Pebble Beach for practice rounds the next two days!

Thanks for tuning in and I’ll talk to you tomorrow!