November 2023 Participant Spotlight

Seven year old, Nova enjoys being involved in many activities and sports, including swimming, horseback riding, tennis, and most recently, golf. Nova joined our program for the first this season and has grown immensely since the beginning of classes. Her knowledge of the First Tee curriculum could rival any coaches’. She always participates in conversations, respects her coaches and fellow teammates, and encourages all participants! Nova is a friend to all and brings exciting, fun energy to every class. In her spare time, Nova enjoys writing stories, reading and playing with her sister, Vega and two cats.

“Nova shows up to every class with a smile on her face. She puts 100% into everything she tries and never gives up. Regardless of who she is partnered with, she is encouraging and offers suggestions and tips to help her teammate be successful. She has been an absolute joy to have in class! I am excited to see her continue to grow in our program and represent First Tee in the community,” said Coach Jacie Newman