New Employee Spotlight: Molly Jaimes

We’re thrilled to introduce the newest addition to our team, Molly Jaimes, who brings a wealth of passion and dedication to her role here at First Tee – Sandhills. As we get to know her better, let’s dive into Molly’s professional journey, her excitement for her role, and her aspirations for making a positive impact!

Professional Background: A Journey from San Diego to Fundraising at First Tee

Molly’s roots trace back to the Northern part of San Diego, where her journey in the world of nonprofits began. Even as a teenager, she devoted her time to volunteering, setting the stage for a future driven by the desire to make a difference. Her academic path led her to Boise State, where she studied public health. It was during her time volunteering in Boise that Molly discovered her calling – a career in philanthropy. Inspired by the impact she could make, she pursued this path with determination.

Excitement for the Role: Spreading First Tee’s Mission and Inspiring Others

When asked about what excites her the most about her role here at First Tee, Molly’s enthusiasm is contagious. She is eager to spread First Tee’s mission to those who may not be familiar with it and is passionate about inspiring individuals to give back. Molly’s goal is to expand our reach within the community, ensuring that more children in need can benefit from the programs First Tee has to offer.

Proud Achievements: Empowering Young Professionals at Big Brothers Big Sisters

Reflecting on her past, Molly takes pride in her involvement in developing the Young Professional Board at Big Brothers Big Sisters Non-Profit. Molly recognizes that our young professionals are the leaders of tomorrow, and their perspectives always matter.

Beyond Work: A Passion for Cooking and Sharing

Outside of work, Molly has a passion for cooking, with a special love for Italian cuisine. Her culinary adventures reflect her love language – providing and sharing with others. It’s a testament to her nurturing spirit that extends beyond the workplace.

Goals at First Tee: Building Relationships and Ensuring Future Success

Molly’s hope at First Tee – Sandhills is characterized by her commitment to forging connections with a variety of community partners. She aspires to further enrich and expand the programs offered by First Tee – Sandhills while fostering and strengthening relationships throughout the broader community. Molly is dedicated to reaching out to those who generously support us through donations and sponsorships, with the goal of nurturing and cultivating these connections, and forging new ones. Her vision encompasses the expansion of our donor base and corporate support, aiming to establish a diverse and sustainable revenue stream for First Tee – Sandhills, ensuring its longevity for years ahead.

Advice for Aspiring Non-Profit Professionals: Listen, Learn, and Live the Mission

When asked about advice for those starting their careers in a nonprofit workspace, Molly emphasizes the importance of listening to the children involved in the programs. Understanding their motivations provides valuable insights. Furthermore, she underscores the significance of living the mission every day, ensuring a genuine commitment to the cause.

We’re excited to have Molly on board, bringing her passion and experience to further our mission at First Tee – Sandhills. Join us in welcoming her to the team, and stay tuned for the incredible impact we know she’ll make!