Unveiling New Horizons: Coach Riley’s Journey with the Moore County Leadership Institute (MCLI)

Embarking on a transformative journey, one of our very own, Riley Burns, has been accepted into the esteemed Moore County Leadership Institute (MCLI) – a program designed to cultivate and empower local business professionals into influential leaders within Moore County.

Riley grew up in Northeastern CT in a quaint little town called Brooklyn. He lived there from the day he was born until 2019 when he then moved to North Carolina to be closer to his wife’s parents while experiences new opportunities. “First Tee was a happy accident, I was in between jobs at the time and my wife worked for one of the board members who suggested I volunteer because I enjoy both golf and working with kids.” said Riley.

From his first interview, Riley was in love with the program at First Tee. “As I continued to learn what it was that First Tee stood for, I became completely bought in. Getting into the MCLI is a huge milestone in my continued journey for personal growth. As I continue to develop into my role as the Program Operations Coordinator at First Tee – Sandhills, one of my top goals for 2024 is to further improve my skills as a leader. The MCLI was brought to my attention as a potential avenue for growth and after doing some research, I quickly began the process of applying. I am most looking forward to the opportunity to meet and talk to leaders within the community to cultivate firstly what my leadership style is going to be and then to develop into it.” Riley stated.

Riley’s acceptance into the MCLI is not just a personal achievement but a commitment to the community. The program’s comprehensive training equips individuals with knowledge and understanding, fostering the development of key leaders. Graduates emerge not only more knowledgeable but also better prepared to make crucial decisions that impact their organizations, the community, and themselves.

Throughout the MCLI program, participants, including Riley, undergo a transformative journey focusing on various aspects of leadership. The curriculum goes beyond traditional concepts, diving into self-awareness, empathy, vision, passion, balance, volunteerism, and community leadership. These essential qualities not only enhance professional capabilities but also contribute to the broader development of the community.

We look forward to seeing what Riley accomplishes throughout his time with MCLI, and we will be reporting back here to share the updates with you all!

Congratulations, Riley!