May 2024 Participant Spotlight

Lyndsey has participated at many First Tee programs throughout her time as a participant. She enjoys meeting new people and learning more about the game of golf each season. Lyndsey understands the importance of respecting your opponents and values sportsmanship to help improve her own game while encouraging those around her. Lyndsey enjoys many extracurricular activities including, theater, horseback riding and reading. She also has two younger brothers and two dogs that she enjoys playing and spending time with!

“Lyndsey showed up to every class this season with a can do attitude. All of her coaches were constantly impressed by her respectful demeanor. During a difficult putting game, Lyndsey put our lesson into action and showed others how to build self-confidence by facing the challenge head on, with a smile on her face. Her perseverance did not go unnoticed! Her dedication and positive influence have truly set her apart as a role model,” said Coach Riley.