March 2024 Participant Spotlight

James started First Tee when he was 7 years old, alongside two of his brothers. James’ favorite part of class is going to the driving range because he gets to hit the ball really far! James also enjoys playing with his three lizards, four snakes, all his cats, and his five brothers. Beyond First Tee, James also participates in Cub Scouts, where he has been a member since the age of five. He also enjoys creating art masterpieces and building things, like derby cars.

“Jamie consistently and accurately answers questions at every class. He is also considerate and coconscious in his decision making. At class, two weeks ago, when taking a restroom break, he jumped ahead of everyone and held the door until all participants had come inside. He then waited patiently for his turn. Jamie is a wonderful student and a friend to all,” said Coach Lisa Harvey.